AMBRE ingredients

When we say mango, we mean mango.

Our products contain only plant-derived ingredients in their pure, raw state: high-grade cold-pressed and macerated nut, fruit and seed oils, botanical extracts, cold-pressed and distilled essential oils, unrefined butters and fresh clays and botanicals.

Our formulations are simple (you don’t have to be industry professional to read and understand our ingredient lists); yet, effective: we choose only the finest, naturally beneficial, active ingredients that are formulated to work their best in synergy. Unlike many mainstream products, when our label mentions "mango", it is not joking. There will be real mango [butter] inside, not its synthetic fragrance, and there will be plenty of it too.

We use only pure essential oils for the scent and only natural colorants to colour. The shelf life of our products is 24 months and because different ingredients have a different shelf life, we preserve our blends by adding natural preservatives — powerful non-GMO antioxidants, beneficial for the skin.

We are very proud of our formulations; we know everything about each ingredient we use and we love to share this knowledge with our customers — unlike many commercial companies, our labels clearly state each ingredient in both Latin and English, be it soap selling in a shop or an online product description.

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