AMBRE cold process natural soap

All-vegetable, moisturising, handmade soaps.

Our soaps are made using a traditional batch cold-process which retains the ingredients’ natural goodness in the final soap bar.

For the soap base, we blend the finest, vegetable only ingredients — rich Shea and Cocoa butters — which are very gentle to the skin, with Sunflower and Sunflower oils, known for their mildness and skin conditioning properties. Castor oil helps to create creamy, silky lather; Virgin Coconut oil and Palm Kernel provide effective cleansing and makes the bar hard and long-lasting. This combination makes a luxurious and gentle soap.

During the soap making process, the ingredients react together and release glycerine which remains within the soap and acts as a moisturizing agent. After creation, each bar is cured for at least five weeks to reach its best condition and quality.

Unlike conventional soaps that work more like detergent, cold process soaps are gentle to the skin. They cleanse well without stripping skin of its natural oils and leave it clean and soft. Our soaps don't contain any artificial colouring, fragrance or chemical preservatives at all, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

For each soap formulation we use a wide range of additional ingredients: clays, exfoliating salts, oils, ground seeds, beans, fruits, flower petals and beautiful pure essential oils blends, enriching the final blend with extra nutrients for extra conditioning. We have selected many of these ingredients from their association with the places we have travelled and loved . Spain, Norway and Kamchatka are three places that have influenced our first range and there are a few more inspired creations in development.

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