How to use AMBRE

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You probably already know that we don't use water, chemicals or cosmetic fillers in the production of AMBRE, which is why, unlike conventional products, they are very potent and extremely concentrated. They also look and feel different and they need to be applied differently.

How to apply AMBRE

For all body and face products, use as little as one fifth of the amount you would normally apply. They are best used on clean, slightly moist, warm skin. Our Face Cream, Hand Cream and Body Butter are very rich and highly concentrated, so you might want to melt them a little in your palm before application. In any case, they will melt on the skin during the application. All products need to be massaged into the skin sparingly and gently if to the face.

The water content of conventional creams and lotions isn’t absorbed by the skin. It simply evaporates. It doesn’t nourish or moisturise, it just leaves a fake absorbing feeling . In contrast, our ingredients penetrate deep into the skin tissue to nourish and fill in dry cracks with a thin protective non-greasy layer. So after application, give it a few minutes to absorb. If you apply the right amount sparingly, there shouldn’t be any residue left on the skin surface.

How to store AMBRE

Please ensure you don't get any water drops into the jars or bottles during use.

Our AMBRE glass packaging protects the product, but you still need to keep it away from the sunlight, preferably in a cool dry place. If the room temperature doesn't rise above 30°C there is no need to refrigerate the product, if it does, keep it on the bottom shelf of the fridge and remove at least 20 minutes before using.

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